Bucket List Travels: Big Sur, California

As the California fires rage and consume vast swathes of our treasured wine country, I am reminded of our first magical road trip that gave me the Traveling Bug. 
If you are tired of the bustle of the concrete jungle and your soul needs rejuvenation, you need to take a road trip to the three state parks in Big Sur, California. Make a reservation for an RV spot with partial hook-ups at the Riverside Campgrounds & Cabins. Wake up to the sound of the serene river, the green glow of moss and the smell of giant pine trees creating a thick canopy above you. There is 1 mile trail called Buzzard’s Roost literally steps from the campground that gives way to beds of shamrocks, wise old redwoods, rare condors commanding the sky above you, and a gorgeous ocean view at the top. It is a short but inclined hike and certainly worth the effort. 
The perk of Big Sur is the location. If you are coming from the Greater Los Angeles area, you can take a quick route via Interstate 5 and cut across some gorgeous pastures on Highway 58, which drops you in the college town of San Luis Obispo for a bite to eat. We were very blessed to have made our trip in April, when the wildflowers were in bloom. No photos could ever do it justice. You can then enjoy the scenic Highway 1 (when it isn’t under construction). You’ll pass Moro Bay, San Simeon, and drive through the Los Padres National forest. The Los Padres was my favorite part. You have these massive trees along the highway on your right and the Pacific Ocean on your left. It is a sight you will never forget. However, I don’t recommend taking a large RV on this route as the highway is narrow and lines a cliff in some spots. 
From Big Sur you can continue on to Monterey Bay and, if you have time, take 17 Mile Drive. You don’t have to hike far distances to see some cool sights on this driving tour and the grandiosity of the redwoods never disappoint. 
Happy Travels my friends. 
What was the trip that gave you the travel bug?


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