Bucket List Travels: The Corn Islands

If isolated paradise is your cup of tea, try Corn Island and Little Corn Island in April. The main island is 17 miles off the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua and is part of the Central American country of Nicaragua.

Once you arrive in Managua, head over to the smaller hangar and book a ticket on the La Costena airline for just under $200 round trip. The plane was old, rickety, and very small. It was at capacity and even dropped in altitude when we flew through heat pockets. It certainly added to the feeling of adventure, if anything. Once in the airport, with our passports stamped and luggage collected we were ready to explore. This island was obviously gorgeous from the plane’s view. Our hotel, Casa Canada, sent a driver to pick us up in a small sedan. It was certainly not a first world idea of luxury, but we were there to explore.

Our private cabana faced the infinity pool, which overlooked the Caribbean Sea. We could hear the waves crashing on the rocks only a few yards from our door. It was breathtaking! I had planned our trip so we would arrive in the week following Semana Santa (a wildly celebrated Holy Week). The island was very empty & quiet and we were happier for it. In the morning I enjoyed my coffee in a rocking chair on our porch. After lunch I laid in the hammock hung on the palms close to the water, while the iguanas basked in the sun. This is a sleepy place. There is no fine shopping, no large stores, no tour companies, no fine dining…but there are unencumbered ocean views, friendly locals to hire for tours, fresh coconuts, fresh crabmeat, and perfect temperatures.

Yet, for those who are up for more exploration, there is an even more isolated island. If you ask at the golf cart rental company, they offer a speed boat ride 45 minutes away to Little Corn Island. There is no internet, no ferries, not a single car. On the beaches there are brightly painted cabanas on stilts about 10’ x 10’ in size. Europeans embracing la vie boheme could be seen through the open doors, which their sarongs catching the wind and sunlight. You can walk the entire island in 30 minutes, or sip coconut water and occupy a hammock while your lunch order of fritanga cooks in the nearby hut. I would just avoid snorkeling with the sharks. They don’t mention the sharks when you book your snorkeling tours.

Happy Wandering!


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